Advanced Locking Solution platform allows the security of cargo in transport trucks to be managed and controlled remotely. The transport truck can be a Container truck, bulk tanker truck, cash van, trailer truck or any other vehicle. The cargo in the vehicle can be continuously monitored and tracked. Rules can be set to operate the locks at the loading/unloading points thereby providing control over where, when and who can access the cargo. The solution comes with a heavy-duty locking device that is built for rugged, outdoor use and comes in various sizes to suit different business requirements. The rules for operating the lock can be centrally defined in the server and automatically operated or controlled remotely through a mobile phone from any geographic location.

Single Locking System - Bulk Tanker Trucks

ALS - Single Locking for Bulk Trucks
ALS can provide secure locking for Tank Trucks transporting bulk cargo including fuel, lubricants and other chemicals. With a single locking system, ALS can lock all access points to the vechile including dome, valve box and lever box. The lock can be remotely operated as per defined rules or opened from any geographic location. Customised locking designs can be provided using stainless steel or MS. The design can be customised for vehicles of any size and existing vehicles can be converted easily to a single locking design.

Internal Locking System - Containers and Package Trucks

ALS - Single Locking for Bulk Trucks
ALS can make container transport highly secure through concealed locking where in the lock is situtated inside the door of the container and is not accessible from outside. This makes the locking system completely tamper-proof. The locks can be tracked and operated from any remote geographic location. The design for customised for vehicles of any size and the type of cargo that is carried. The system can be customised to have RFID and other sensors for the doors to ensure that all the doors are locked and alerts sent out immediately when any of the doors are opened.

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