"We found the ALS Locking System really effective in addressing pilferage. The ALS system was flexible to integrate with our existing processes. The technology was easy to understand and simple to operate."

- Logistics Head, Large Oil Company

ALS Platform provides custom locking solutions for effective security. The locks do not have any keys thereby preventing the need for a key management system. The locking system controlled and operated through a OTP from anywhere in the world thereby making it completely secure and fool-proof. The system can be customized for any target business process and operating model. The locking designs and models can be chosen depending on the target application. The locking system can be operated independently as a stand-alone system, flexibly through a mobile app or can be automated to operate through a server.

Product Features

Keyless Locking
ALS Locking System is completely keyless. Since there are no keys, there is no necessity for an elaborate key management system thereby resulting in significant cost savings. Since there are no keys or duplicates, there is absolute control for the administrator and logistics planning gets a lot more easier.

Real-time Alerts
Get real-time alerts on all locking operations. You will know exactly as to where your lock was opened, when it was opened and by whom it was opened. If there is any tampering of your lock, you will get immediately alerted on your mobile. There is a complete audit trail available for all transactions.

Cargo Tracking
Track your cargo in real-time. Know the exact location of your cargo at any point of time. Precise trip details along with alerts can be viewed in the map. Trip history can be stored in the server for ready reference.

Product Models

  • ALS - Heavy Duty Locks
  • Built for rough outdoor use, these locks are suited for applications including tanker trucks, containers or any heavy doors.

  • ALS - Smart Locks
  • Smart Locks are ideally suited for vaults, trunks and lighter doors. With its light weight and sleek fit, it is ideal for any custom solution

  • ALS - YouLocks
  • YouLock provides the flexibility to used on any padlock. There is no extra fabrication or fitting required for installing the lock.


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