ALS platform provides the ideal solution for centralised control of remotely located assets like warehouses, depots, mobile towers and storage yards. With rule-based operations, multiple keys need not be maintained, The entire operations can be on the basis of OTP that is generated on the basis of defined rules. Operation alerts are sent to the administrator from the remote location whenever the lock is operated. Multiple products can be connected to the platform including intrusion detection systems, CCTV cameras and can orchestrated from the server to effectively manage the remote location.

Multi Device Security System - Remote Locations

ALS - Multi Device Security System for Remote Locations
ALS platform allows you to hook onto multiple devices for managing a remote location including - OTP driven locks, CCTV camera, Intrusion Detection System, Door Controls and other sensors. All these devices can be controlled through the server and alerts can be sent real-time. All the remote locations can be unified under a central command centre and can be controlled through the server. Rule-based authorisation can be provided for getting the OTP to access the remote location. Audit trails and logs are available with preceise details for each access along with the video or snapshot from the remote location.

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